Planning & Specifications

We create detailed technical specifications which cover your requirements for a range of different project types. We are able to ask the right technical questions based on your brief to help us understand exactly how a website or application needs to work. Planning is a vital part of understanding how your website or applications should be created. A specification is also important for understanding the potential cost and technical challenges a project may occur.

Artwork to Functional Builds

Our attention to detail will ensure that all projects created by us will match the supplied artwork as closely as technically possible to ensure your satisfaction. There may also be times where we add additional value by suggesting changes and improvements to artwork to overcome certain technical challenges.

Bespoke Wordpress Builds

Over the years, we have built over 50 top tier bespoke Wordpress sites. Therefore you can trust that we are very experienced at creating themes from scratch which follow the latest PHP and Wordpress recommendations. Many of these sites have had handbuilt scripts, database table additions and custom backend UI screens to store and list additional data. We have also set up many WooCommerce stores with customised templates which also included the use of extra WooCommerce plugins.

Custom React Builds

In the past we have worked on a few bespoke react/next.js projects. We understand how this framework works and how to best utilise and optimise the end result to meet you technical requirements. We have experience with react-query, react-testing-library as well as GraphQl implementation so I'm sure we can build to fit your needs. We also have experience working with react native so if you need to create an app, look no further.

Website Reviews & Re-designs

Our experienced developers can carry out an indepth review on your current site and suggest a wide range of improvements varying from: checking the UI, device testing/optimisation suggestions, page speed optimisation, seo health checks and content checking.

If you are happy with your current site's content and you believe that you'd only need a re-design then we can help with this too. Normally this is a less expensive option than a full redesign/rearrangement of the website.

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